Our mission

We at Center believe that one size doesn't fit all – you are unique, and so is your diabetes.

Through simple logging and collaboration, personalized insights, and a beautiful experience, Center is here to help you take control and get back to what matters most – living your life.

Our story

Ali and Julian first met as competitors whilst working on their own separate diabetes startups, an ocean apart.

Although their initial conversation was meant to size one another up, they were quickly struck by how complementary their individual stories were:

Julian has type 1 diabetes, Ali's dad has type 2. Ali studied biology, whereas Julian studied computer science. Julian wrote his thesis on blood sugar prediction, whereas Ali led research in blood glucose monitoring. They were even the same age.

Statistically, the odds of such a pair was minimal, but the facts couldn't be ignored.

So, they decided to team up, and Center Health was born.

Ali Imani

Prior to Center, Ali led genetics research to engineer edible chickenpox vaccines into tomatoes when his dad was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Recognizing the data problem in diabetes, he created and patented the world's smallest and cheapest connected glucometer.

Ali loves to read, ski, and cook.

Julian Laval

Before Center, Julian founded the diabetes startup Distillr which evolved into the app you see today.

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 14, he eventually wrote his university thesis on blood sugar prediction with the end goal of making this powerful technology available to all via an incredibly simple experience.

He loves to travel, read, and watch movies.