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And we're building the next generation of diabetes management tools and software

Our story

Surely, there must be a way for diabetes management to play a minimal role in our day to day lives without impeding on our health?

Center was founded in 2016 to answer precisely this question, and we are driven by one simple, overarching mission: empowering diabetics around the world to tame the disease once and for all.

By combining beautiful, simple logging with extensive integrations, a framework for collaboration with family members and doctors, and the latest and greatest in data-driven insights, we're building a truly one-of-a-kind experience for diabetics and their support systems.

As diabetics ourselves, we live and breathe our product, and hope you will too!

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We're passionate about building the next generation of diabetes management tools. Hi there!
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We're on a mission to simplify diabetes management and empower diabetics around the world.

Although we're not currently hiring, we soon will be; keep an eye out for updates, or email us directly at yourfriends@center.health if you have any questions!

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