Meet the Nano.
The easiest way to test your blood sugar, straight from your phone!
Our mission

We at Center believe in a quicker, easier way to manage diabetes, letting you focus on what matters most – living your life.

That's why we built the Nano.

Search carbs, see your A1C, sync fitness trackers, sleep apps & more to see your blood sugar in context
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With my new diet and the logging I do in Center Health, from February to May my A1c has dropped from 7.4 to 6.5. Thanks for the app!
— Steve
First of all, the product LOOKS AMAZING. It's user-friendly, you guys have AMAZING support. And the most important thing: I can show these outputs to a doctor and he will understand.
— Kevin
I discovered not so long ago this amazing app called Center Health that my diabuddies created to help the diabetics in this world! Diabetes is affected by so many factors, so it's so helpful to manage everything in an app.
— Judy
So I received my Nano today and I am beyond excited and pleased. I checked my blood sugar easier than I ever have in my 18 years of checking. If you're a diabetic, you should consider looking into getting one. I am so beyond pleased!
— Michelle
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